Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Ensure your guests devour your cake and recall the scrumptious, moist & delicate flavours as well as its beauty!

Whether you opt for a traditional tiered cake or a decadent tower of scrumptious and meticulously decorated cupcakes to take centre stage at your reception you will be delighted with the creation that has come together by incorporating your personal style and our eye for detail taking inspiration from your very own wedding invitations, colour palette, your beautiful gown, your chosen theme and of course your personalities.

With a delicious range of flavours to choose from which you can vary between each tier of your cake your guests are sure to be impressed. By using nothing but the highest quality ingredients like couverture chocolate, Pure Vanilla, free range eggs and real butter you will taste the difference with a delicious and moist cake you and your guests will be sure to remember! We NEVER use bulk cake mixes or imitation flavourings, nothing tastes better than the real thing.

We are passionate about our cakes tasting as beautiful as they look which is why our cakes are a little more special than most. You see we don’t just cover our cakes in fondant icing with nothing between the two as we find many people don’t like to eat fondant and they will peel the fondant away to eat the cake on its own but who wants cake with no icing? Our cakes are split and filled with layers of buttercream frosting to compliment the flavours chosen, then each tier of your cake will be entirely encased in chocolate ganache before being covered in a thin layer of fondant icing and decorated to perfection. It’s safe to say there are NO boring bits! Fondant is a necessary layer providing a blank canvas to create any design you can imagine, the sky is the limit!

We believe designing your cake should be a memorable experience as a part of the planning process of your big day, after all it’s all about you! That’s why we offer Taste & Concept Appointments for you and your finance to come along, taste a variety of cake flavours & frostings and together we will design your dream cake and sketch it up for you on the day. T & C Appointments are by appointment only and are $40 for two people, if you book your cake with The Flour Girl $20 of that comes off the cost of your dream cake. We recommend that you bring along any images of cakes you have seen in magazines or online etc that appeals to you to assist in the design process.

We take great pride in creating a centrepiece that reflects you both and believe it is truly an honour to be a part of your memories.