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Special Occasions

Whether its for a birthday, christening, anniversary, valentines, farewell, Christmas, Easter or any other celebration, a specialty cake will be remembered forever.

When trying to decide on an theme for a kids cake, kids usually have a much loved tv character, a favourite toy or a love of something in particular that excites and delights! See the little ones eyes light up when their favourite character is replicated as a delicious cake, the blowing out of the candles each year is a memory created and captured for the little ones that become big ones, they will reflect back and appreciate the love and effort that was poured into a cake created just for them.

Whatever idea you have for your loved one's cake there are usually various ways in which it can be incorporated into a cake design. The level of difficulty and detail is reflected in the price, for instance a character cake could be created as an actual standing 3D model, a 2D model or perhaps even just an edible image printed and placed on top of your cake or even small cupcake toppers, so when you decide on a theme it's a great idea to search for images of those cakes online, you will find a huge variety of options, we suggest sending a couple of options for us to quote for you, this can avoid some time going back and forth.

Flavours from our range that we recommend for kid's cakes are: Chocolate Buttermilk, White Chocolate Vanilla, Creamy Caramel and Peanut Butter & Chocolate.